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What benefits shall I get as a Xartup No Code Fellow ?​

“Place to be in for the most ambitious individuals”

Harvard-like case studies on

What's inside?

5 weeks of live insightful sessions featuring successful founders (including YC alums). Simultaneously, apply the concepts and build your own startup.

The top 3 teams will pitch their ideas to investors on the demo day.

We admit 120 fellows each cohort out of the 1,200+ applications received.

All the best.

$25,000 credits for sales and marketing automation

$65,000 cr9dits for CRM Automation

$1,500 cr9dits for UI/UX

 $1,500 credits for Whatsapp & Email Marketing Automation upgrade charges applicable only for twillio credits

Join Hands

Lets make the world a better place together.

XartUp Fellowship
Featured Program – Xartup Fellowship

Over 100 companies
founded through Xartup

500+ Fellows

Over 500 Xartup fellows building
the next great wave of companies

100+ companies

100+ companies founded by Xartup Fellows in the past 1 year

25+ investors

Assisted by top global mentors & investors 

Meet our Guest mentors

Arjun Vaidya

Ex-Ceo of Dr Vadiya (acquired) forbes 30 under 30 asia

Abhishek Kankani

Y Combinator alumni who built

the Zoom alternative (Dyte) for India



Cdr. Anish

Achieved $170 million valuation

with MyGat9. A real life hero.

Rathin Shah

Rathin is the founder of YC funded
Spenny, the quickest way to do spare
change investing in India

Join a surrounding of ambitous individuals. Make friends for lifetime.

Best place to get a tech or business co-founder

“Xartup helped me in getting a tech
cofounder, get into the driving seat with
my problem statement & was always
there to fuel me towards my goal.”

Anubhav Sinha MBA, IIM Sirmaur Founder, EcoSaber Xartup Fellow (XF1)

“I used Xartup’s Sunday sessions to
refine my launch Strategy and
leveraged the cohort team to
develop Generation Z insights.”

Sujith Bhaskaran Ex - IBM, Boeing Founder, GigsBoard Xartup Fellow (XF1)

3. 20 hrs Live sessions to help you launch in 8-weeks

On weekends (Live)

Week 1

4 hours

Launch a Dynamic website

Anything from a food ordering website to a hotel booking idea, make it live in a week with a dynamic working website!

Case studies Oyo, Swiggy

Week 2

4 hours

Launch an app without coding

Have spent lakhs of rupees paying to the app development agencies without having a conviction about your idea? Test it quickly by launching a No Code MVP.

Case studies Tinder, Netflix

Week 3

4 hours

Marketing and Sales Automation

Learn actionable insights from the AARRR framework Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral & Revenue to logically understanding and growing your startup along with No Code Automation tools.

Tools Zendesk, Twillio

Week 4

4 hours

Launch your startup MVP

Yes, in the 4th week, you have your idea launched at a mini scale. Get insights on how investors evaluate your ideas, Use frameworks and do a live valuation of your startup to know how much funding you can ask for.

Tools Zendesk, Twillio


Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

20 hours


Launch your startup MVP

Yes, in the 4th week, you have your idea launched at a mini scale. Get insights on how investors evaluate your ideas, Use frameworks and do a live valuation of your startup to know how much funding you can ask for.

Tools Zendesk, Twillio


Community Member

B9 a part of Indias most s9l9ctiv9 and pr9sti@ious startup community with fellows from India, US, Russia & Sri Lanka.

Fellows are from Product, Marketing, Technology, Operations and Finance background Ready to help and make the world a better place together

What you can build after this workshop

Ecommerce Apps

Build a marketplace platform like Amazon & FlipKart – without code. Take your business to the world

Ed-Tech Platforms

Have a skill that you’d like to share with the world and earn money? Create a mobile app and teach  whatever you want

Social media apps

Create a social media platform and manage your own community, your own way.


Build a scalable marketplace platform like Amazon & Flipkart – without code

Frequently asked questions

How do I join the fellowship program?

After applying for the fellowship, you’ll be screened through two 10 minute interview rounds – ability round and behavior round. Ability round tests your ability to build (either you’re a good coder) or sell (you’re a good business guy). Behavior round tests your agility and whether you fit into our cohort. Cohort starts from 6th June.

What do you look for in a Xartup fellowship aspirant?

We follow Y Combinator’s ethos rigorously and prioritize building & selling. An ideal fellow would be extremely quick in testing their ideas and iterating logically if it fails. We’d choose fellows possessing exceptional logical and analytical thinking to solve a problem.

Why do you charge a fee?

After two rounds of vetting, we charge an acceptance fee to make sure the fellows we are admitting are serious about building a startup. The ROI depends on your efforts and it can be anywhere between 10x to 1000x. This way we make sure you’ll get a cofounder who is actually dedicated about founding a company.

Can we raise investment through Xartup fellowship?

You will get $200,000 worth of credits to build your MVP from scratch. Though no one can promise you on this, if you’re agile enough to get traction and validate your idea, India’s top-notch investors will be looking forward to investing in you during the demo day.

Should I have an existing idea to join the fellowship?

It doesn’t matter at all for your application. Startups are all about team and execution. If you have an idea, that’s good. But, you will have to brainstorm with your cofounders from the upcoming cohort to arrive at a consensus as to which idea to pursue for the next 7 weeks.

What happens once I get selected?

If you seem to be a good fit for our upcoming cohort, you will get $75,000 worth of credits from on various technology products. You have confirmed your position by paying a nominal fee towards all the facilitation during the cohort. We charge a nominal acceptance fee as we seek fellows who are serious and dedicated to their work for the next 8 weeks.

What’s your refund policy?

We have a clear no-refund policy respecting the time + effort of the founders, investors & alumni that goes into curating the cohort. Though you can defer it to any upcoming cohorts in case there is an emergency at your end.

Can I reapply if I don’t get selected in this cohort?

Only 2/10 candidates make it to the fellowship due to our small cohort size, but we love the never-give-up attitude of founders and ensure you a wild card entry into our cohort if you consistently apply 5 times, even if you don’t pass the interviews. Agility and consistency are something we trust more than our interviews. 

Brush up your traction and make your company investable within 8-weeks of joining xartup No Code Fellowship.


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