Xartup TM     Fellowship

Featured Program – Xartup Fellowship

Over 100 companies
founded through Xartup

500+ Fellows

100+ companies

25+ investors

Over 500 Xartup fellows building
the next great wave of companies
100+ companies founded by Xartup Fellows in the past 1 year
Assisted by top global mentors & investors 

Xartup TM     Fellowship

Our Fellows in Mumbai

Prathamesh Tari

Abdul Basit Saboowala

Yash Gadhade

Aditya Kapoor

Vaibhav Khanderao

Ritesh Sonavane

Nabiulla Ahmed


Venkatesh Pugalia

Vinit Patil

What do they say about us?

“Xartup helped me in getting a tech cofounder, get into the driving seat with my problem statement & was always there to fuel me towards my goal.”
“I used Xartup’s Sunday sessions to refine my launch Strategy and leveraged the cohort team to develop Generation Z insights.”
Anubhav sinha MBA, IIM Sirmaur Founder, EcoSaber Xartup Fellow (XF1)
Sujith Bhaskaran Ex-IBM, Boeing Founder, GigsBoard Xartup Fellow (XF1)

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Xartup TM     Fellowship

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