Xartup TM     Fellowship

Fellowship Curriculum

On the weekends, keeping your work weeks uninterrupted

Week 1

2nd Jan

4 hours

Meet your cofounder

Extensive peer group networking to dynamically meet all your cohort members and form your startup team. You will finalize your idea to work on by the end of this week.

Case studies - Meesho, Fampay, Postman

Week 2

8th Jan

4 hours

Build an MVP

Learn how to build a minimum viable product and experiment in a lean way.

Case studies - Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook, Product Hunt

Week 3

15th Jan

4 hours

Building a brand

How to build a brand in India, from the messaging to brand qualities and attributes.

Case study - Indian D2C brands

Week 4

22nd Jan

4 hours

Acquire first 100 users

Acquire your first 100 users and validate your idea with actual users. Having users will get you sleepless, trust us.

Case studies - Uber, Flipkart, Freshworks, Razorpay

Week 5
Week 6
Week 7

29th Jan - 19th Feb

20 hours


Hustle to achieve product-market-fit taking user feedback. Figure out if your assumptions were correct. Gain maximum possible traction within 3 weeks span.

Consider it as a capstone, the top teams based on the traction will get a chance to pitch on the demo day.

Week 8

26th Feb (tentative)

1 hour

Internal Demo Day

Top 3 teams with exceptional metrics will present their pitch internally. These teams will qualify for the final Demo Day which is held every quarter.

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Xartup TM     Fellowship

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