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Where outliers come together.

Xartup helps ambitious individuals start companies, find their next role, and invest in their careers.

Harvard-like case studies on

What's inside?

5 weeks of live insightful sessions featuring successful founders (including YC alums). Simultaneously, apply the concepts and build your own startup.

The top 3 teams will pitch their ideas to investors on the demo day.

We admit 120 fellows each cohort out of the 1,200+ applications received.

All the best.

Featured Program – Xartup Fellowship

Over 100 companies
founded through Xartup

500+ Fellows

Over 500 Xartup fellows building
the next great wave of companies

100+ companies

100+ companies founded by Xartup Fellows in the past 1 year

25+ investors

Assisted by top global mentors & investors 

Xartup Fellowship Structure


Get your cofounder

From a pool of exceptional folks with complementary skills


Start building & selling from Day 0

From a pool of exceptional folks with complementary skills


Gain your first 100 users

Q&A sessions with YC alums, ex-founders on how to make it happen


Pivot to product market fit

Difficult but not impossible. The community will hold your hands


Pitch to investors

Top teams get to pitch VCs and angels

Meet our Guest mentors

Wg Cdr Anish

Cofounder of MyGate

Best community management solution

Zero to one Journey of MyGate

Arjun Vaidya

Ex-CEO Dr. Vaidya (acquired)

Forbes Asia 30U30

Building an Indian Brand

Fellowship Curriculum

On the weekends, keeping your work weeks uninterrupted

What you'll get

INR 2.5 Cr worth technical credits from Amazon AWS, IBM, Twillio, Miro, Zendesk etc. to build/scale your startup

1-year network access to the Xartup Fellowship community (with 600+ founders from last 5 cohorts)

Get mentored by top 1% entrepreneurs of India along with case studies and group discussions for 8-weeks.

Gain good traction and we are happy to refer your startup to our group of investors : )

Meet our Guest mentors

Dharamveer Singh Chouhan

DV is the CEO & Founder of multiple million-dollar startups – Zostel, Zo rooms and Zo World.

He brought the back packers’ travel culture to India with Zostel being the first branded hostel chain in India.

Abhishek Kankani

Abhishek is the founder of Dyte (YC W21) which aims to be a game-changer in the space of real-time audio-video APIs.

The goal is to reimagine what can be achieved with these APIs and continue to push the envelope, going above and beyond.

Rathin Shah

Rathin is the founder of YC funded
Spenny, the quickest way to do spare
change investing in India

Rathin is an Entrepreneur First alumni and ex-investemet banker at J.P. Morgan

Ankush Singh

Ankush is the founder of YC funded mutual fund investment app Piggy,
the hat got funded by YC in its early days

He got an exit to Flipkart and he’s now
building neo-bank for India

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Xartup TM     Fellowship

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