Xartup TM     Fellowship

Benefits of Joining Cohort

Amazon Web Services
$5,000 credits for server & website Hosting
$100,000 credits for data training (Artificial Intelligence)
Fresh works
$25,000 credits for sales and marketing

$65,000 credits for CRM and Sell Dashboard


$50,000 credits for analytics


$50,000 credits for analytics


$1,500 credits for UI/UX

Sawo Labs

$2,000 credits for OTP verification + APIs


$1,500 credits for W:atsapp & Email Marketing Solutions

Week 1

4 hours

Zero to One Case Studies

How to go Zero to One and and validate an idea in a lean way. If you have initial customers, know how to go about scaling up

Case studies - Dunzo, Tinder, Netflix, Nike, Oyo

Week 2

4 hours

Product Bootcamp

If you have a product, learn to optimise it for maximum revenue generation. If you are in an early stage, know how to build an minimum viable product and launch. within a week.

Case studies - Oyo, Netflix

Week 3

4 hours

Growth Bootcamp

Learn actionable insights from the AARRR framework - Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral & Revenue to logically understanding and growing your startup.

Case studies - Cure.fit, Twitter

Week 4

4 hours

Investment & Startup Valuation

Insights on how investors evaluate your ideas, Use frameworks and do a live valuation of your startup to know how much funding you can ask for.

Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8

20 hours

Live Project

Use frameworks on Zero to One, Product, Growth and Valuation to build a pitch deck for pitching to investors in next 4-weeks. You work with a team of fellows who share feedback and become your accountability partners.


Community Member

Be a part of Indias most selective and prestigious startup community with fellows from India, US, Russia & Sri Lanka.

Fellows are from Product, Marketing, Technology, Operations and Finance background - Ready to help and make the world a better place together.