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How did a blog start a multi million dollar business?

In today’s blog, we’ll look at one of India’s biggest startup, how it got started, what problems it faced, and what plans it has for the future.

What is Internshala?

Internshala is an online platform where all qualified students can apply for internships. Internships are available to students with any degree. This portal provides students with the most up-to-date company trends. Students will get the opportunity to learn about new technology. Moreover it is free for both the student and the recruiter.

How it all started?

Sarvesh, the founder & CEO, started Internshala as a blog with a mission to bring a culture of meaningful internships in India. Sarvesh Agarwal used to write blogs emphasizing the value of internships.

After receiving a positive reception in the early days he then began approaching organisations about internships in India. During this process he was assisted by various professors of IIT Madras(his Alma mater), word about his platform reached about 8000 students through email.

Sarvesh received a positive reaction through these mails. Few of his fellow mates were looking for interns so they started posting their ads on the blog. They were pleasantly delighted by the amount of high-quality applications they got. As news spread among India’s close-knit startup ecosystem, firms began to offer internships and hire interns through Internshala. Then Sarvesh hired several of the interns to create Internshala, his own platform.


Power of the Interns

These interns then constructed all elements of the company over the next year, including content, social media, technology, sourcing new internships, inventing new concepts, and conducting marketing campaigns, to mention a few. This was a good choice in retrospect for three reasons:

  • They had a living example of the power of interns in Internshala, which made convincing other firms to use interns for their projects much easier. “Hey, look at all the amazing things our Internshala interns have been accomplishing for us,” the pitch went. “Why don’t you give it a go?”
  • Since the interns were students themselves, they greatly aided the platform in understanding the market and developing the brand. For example, talking about the  Facebook page, which now has over 70,000 followers, soon became one of India’s most popular student pages, owing in part to creative and engaging campaigns managed by the interns, who recognised exactly what would pique students’ attention and what would not.
  • It proved to be extremely cost-effective, which gave Sarvesh more time to focus on growing the brand and business rather than worrying about monetization right away.


As the company grew, one of the biggest challenges Internshala faced was hiring competent staff. One of the biggest challenges the squad had in the beginning was a lack of excellent technical talent at both the junior and senior levels. Sarvesh came from a non-programming background and had the most difficulty with this.


Employers were also having difficulty recruiting interns since Indian students preferred in-office internships during summer and winter holidays, making it impossible to hire interns throughout the rest of the year. Matching the locations and timings of students and employers proved difficult. In summary, it was difficult to convince the students to align with the corporations that offered internships.

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Future Plans

Internshala focuses on assisting students with their learning, training, and on-the-job experience. Internshala was founded with the goal of providing practical knowledge and real-life skills to 30 million college students in India, enabling them to realise their aspirations.


They are continually trying to provide internships and training in cities, small towns, and villages around the country. Internshala is propelled by this motivation. Internshala hopes to provide meaningful internships to students and adults in tier 2 and tier 3 cities in the next few years by raising awareness and giving chances.


                      Interhshala has come along way, looking at some of the milestones

2010- The Start

Intershala began as a blog by Sarvesh, the founder and CEO, with the goal of instiling a culture of meaningful internships in India.

web, address, website-1873373.jpg

2013- Website Launch

After building a small team. A website was launched with just one goal - to equip every student in India with their dream internship doing all of it for free

smartphone, app, news-1184883.jpg

2015- App Launch

The next big step could not have been anything other than launching the Android app, bringing Internshala in the ‘hands’ of the students.

training, classroom training, training and development-3185170.jpg

2016- Online Training

After many successful years as an internship platform, the motivation to upskill the students only increased, and that’s when they kickstarted a new journey with Internshala Training

business, man, businessman-5258645.jpg

2020- Freshers Jobs

With Fresher jobs, internshala embarked on a journey filled with newer challenges, which allowed the platform to provide bigger & better opportunities to graduates with 0-2 years of experience.


With an insight that more than 90% of the graduates in India start their careers with a job that pays less than 3LPA, internshala came up with Jobs Oriented Specialization programs to help the students start their careers in their dream profiles

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